Park Avenue “Possibility of drafting in Traffic Attendants periodically “-Cooper‏

Sinn Féin Councillor Mickey Cooper has revealed that Traffic Attendants could be periodically patrolling a number of busy junctions in the Rosemount area.

He said there are ongoing problems with traffic management along a section of Park Avenue.

Councillor Mickey Cooper
Councillor Mickey Cooper


Councillor Cooper said

“I have been receiving ongoing complaints from residents about the bottleneck of traffic along a very tight section of Park Avenue and its junctions with Academy Road and Northland Avenue.

Many options over the past few years have been tried to help alleviate this but to no avail .I have been in contact again with Transport NI(formally Road Service) to raise those concerns .

They have told me they will look at the possibility of drafting in Traffic Attendants periodically to see if their presence can help the flow of traffic at the busy junctions.