Parking nightmare for residents as new term starts at Magee -Cooper

Sinn Féin Councillor Mickey Cooper has asked students and staff at Magee University to be mindful of local residents when parking in streets close to the University.
Councillor Cooper said “This week I have been contacted by residents in several of the streets close to the University with complaints of inconsiderate parking and the problems it brings. People are parking in the turning bays at Northland Parade, there are also parking issues on Academy Road and in the Aberfoyle area.
“The locality has a significant number of older people who have particular mobility and access needs and unregulated parking in the area is creating hardship for many of these people. We have had a number of cases in the past when emergency vehicles have been unable to access because of the volume of cars parked there. This is intolerable.
“There are long standing issues around commuter parking and the high volume of traffic travelling through the area and the subsequent inconvenience this is creating for residents, pedestrians and motorists. So it’s vital that there is a renewed focus on deterring illegal parking in the area as the new term begins.
“With this in mind I have asked the PSNI and traffic wardens to give a particular focus to the areas in question over the coming weeks to ensure there is minimum disruption for local residents’