People are suffering while Tories are ‘learning’ – Mullan

Minor changes to Universal Credit will not eradicate the suffering it causes and it should be scrapped altogether, Sinn Féin MLA Karen Mullan  has said.

The Foyle  MLA was commenting after British Minister Amber Rudd announced changes to Universal Credit, including scrapping plans to extend the controversial two-child benefit cap.

“The Tories say they want to introduce some compassion to Universal Credit and are learning from the process,” Karen Mullan  commented.

“The truth is they have been forced into these changes by a court case and while the Tories are learning, ordinary people are suffering.

“Minor changes, delays and tinkering round the edges is not the answer. Universal Credit is simply not fit for purpose.

“It was supposedly designed to simplify the benefits system but the roll-out so far has clearly shown that it is riddled with faults, complications and delays. 

“The lesson the Tories really need to learn is that Universal Credit has been a disaster and should be scrapped altogether.”