Pharmacy staff left shaken after threatening phone calls -Mellon

Derry Sinn Féin Councillor Aileen Mellon has appealed for local people not to get up with rumours on social media about pharmacy’s or shops vastly increasing prices since the start of the coronavirus outbreak.

She made her call after being in shopping in a local community pharmacy where staff had been left badly shaken after receiving threatening phone calls.

Councillor Mellon said “This was a very frightening experience for the staff to receive such a call.

“This is a local community pharmacy who have been the target of false rumours regarding prices. People need to be very mindful of the what they put up on social media which then can be shared very quickly and get out of hand.

“Speaking to the staff today they have explained that they are working in fear due to violent threats made towards the pharmacy.

“These are front line staff who are doing all they can to stay open and provide a service to our local community.

“The owner has ensured me that there has been no rise in prices over this period and indeed I have seen the prices today and witnessed them being sold at the usual price.

“This is a time were we all should be coming together to assist and support each other who are genuinely helping those in need. Prescriptions may take a little longer, you may have stay a little longer in the queue, but this is to be expected.