Positive with residents and Magee University -Cooper

Sinn Féin Councillor for Foyleside Mickey Cooper has welcomed a  meeting he hosted  with the management of the Magee campus and residents from the Lower Strand area to discuss how the campus could make its facilities and events accessible to members of the local community. He said he was confident that a number of positive developments would take place as a a result of the engagement:

Councillor Mickey Cooper

Councillor Cooper said

‘I was delighted that the residents could meet the Magee management to discuss a range of issues. These included the lack of play provision in the Lower Strand area which has led to a number of short and longer term options being explored. We also discussed how events run by the university such as open days and fun days could be made accessible to the residents of Lower Strand and other residential areas in the vicinity and also how campus facilities such as the library could be opened up for use by the local community.

I will be engaging with the Magee management and the residents in the coming weeks to move some of the proposals to fruition. Their implementation will begin to reinforce the idea that the Magee campus is not just an academic institution sitting in isolation from the areas around it but is instead fully integrated into the life of the local community both today and in the future as it moves towards expansion’