Praise for quick response to fix crossing traffic lights on busy road –Kelly

Sinn Féin Councillor Colly Kelly “I received a number of phone calls from residents in Grangemore and Cashelmore  Park and a number of motorists about a damaged set of crossing traffic lights beside Centra on upper Creggan Road.

Councillor Colly Kelly
Councillor Colly Kelly

The light was turned so that it could not be seen coming from the Rosemount direction on the left hand side.

This was potentially dangerous for children using the road especially in these dark nights on what is one of the busiest roads in the city.

I reported this to Transport NI just after teatime on Thursday night and stressed the urgency of the situation.  They sent a team to fix the lights straight away. This came at a time of atrocious weather and heavy traffic with the Christmas lights switch on in the city centre.

I would like to commend Transport NI for their quick response to fix the damaged crossing which i know was also very much appreciated by local residents.