Residents forced to walk through raw sewage- Campbell‏

Sinn Féin Councillor Kevin Campbell has called on NI Water to resolve the sewage problem in Bligh’s Gardens which has plagued the area for over a week now.

Councillor Campbell said,

“Over a week ago there was a sewage leak in the area and it was reported to NI Water.

They have been out on a number of occasions but have not got the source of the problem.

Since the sewer overflowed  raw sewage has been lying in and around the side and back of the houses.

Residents have complained to me that they believe there has been no serious attempt to effectively deal with the issue and as a result there is a large pool of raw sewage lying and this is causing a major health issue for the residents in the area.

I am calling on NI Water to resolve this problem immediately and have the area in and around the source of the problem decontaminated as it is a serious health issue.