Problems under Lecky Road Flyover

Sinn Féin Councillor Patricia Logue said Patricia Logue new pic 22

I received a number of complaints from people going to Mass in the Long Tower who had to walk through a  lot of broken glass and cans and the left overs of rubbish getting burnt. I have been in touch with Derry City  Council to try and get this cleaned up, but they are facing an uphill battle.

There have been on- going issues at the pathway which runs under the Lecky Road Flyover for many years. Much of this has been anti-community, underage drinking; burning of Wheelie Bins and a lot of local people would avoid using this walkway during the hours of darkness.

It’s the main pedestrian link between the Bishop Street area and the Bogside and is widely used throughout the day by people going to Mass in the Long Tower Chapel, children and parents going to several local schools and shops.And we have the beautiful recently opened Áras Cholmcille ,The St Columba Heritage centre.

Over recent year a lot of work has gone in the area to address many of the issues in and around the under pass .Trees and bushes have been removed and cut back, new lights have also been installed and graffiti cleaned up.The local TRIAX community team also have done an immense amount of work with community improvement schemes.

I hope this latest incident is just a blip and would appeal for these types of activities to stop and for those involved to think of the best interests of the community.