Progress made on Rock Terrace gating –Cooper

Sinn Féin Councillor Mickey Cooper has welcomed the news that after a long negotiation Roads Service have finally agreed in principle to permit gates to be installed at Rock Terrace. He said this would open the way for formal consultation to take place with local residents with the aim of securing the gating of the street


Councillor Cooper said 


I welcome the fact that DRD Road Service have agreed to remove objections to gating at Rock Terrace after a long series of negotiations with myself and the Derry City Councilor solicitor. The process will now move to formal consultation with local residents and in event of no objections being received I will work to secure funding for the gates to stop ongoing anti-social behaviour in the area which has been a problem for several years



“The plight of residents in Rock Terrace has been well covered in the local press over the years, particularly the problems they encounter at night time from large crowds of revellers..



Residents have been calling for the installation of gates on the street to try and resolve some of these night time issues. They want to feel safe in their homes, they want to know their cars are not going to get damaged and they certainly don’t want large groups of people entering their street late at night. We are now one more step on the road to these aims being met”