Protecting the interests of Ireland is paramount – McCallion

Sinn Féin MP Elisha McCallion has said that the planned move by the British Prime Minister to suspend the British parliament illustrates the arrogance and contempt of the Tories and demonstrates Boris Johnson’s clear intent to force through a no-deal, crash-out Brexit regardless of the consequences for border areas like Derry. 

The Foyle MP said:

“Today’s move by the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson demonstrates his clear intent to force through a no-deal Brexit, regardless of the consequences for Ireland; north or south.

“Here in the north west the consequences of a crash out Brexit would be dire with people in Derry and Donegal being hit hardest. 

“It also shows the arrogance of the British government and their contempt even for their own political institutions and it is very clear that Irish interests will never be protected at Westminster. 

“The fact is that Brexit is incompatible with the Good Friday Agreement and the Tories have shown a total and callous disregard for our country and the democratically expressed wishes of the people of the north to remain in the EU. The need to protect Irish interests is paramount.

“Sinn Féin will continue to stand up for our interests against Tory Brexiteers and their catastrophic Brexit agenda, and we will continue to work with the EU and the Irish government to that end.”