PSNI admission over intelligence files is ‘staggering’ -McCartney

Sinn Féin’s Raymond McCartney  has described as ‘incredible’, a PSNI claim that it was unaware for over ten years that it was in possession of British intelligence files relating to collusion with loyalist paramilitaries.

The Foyle MLA  said:

“It has emerged in a statement from the Presiding Coroner that the PSNI took possession of a database in 2007 which included intelligence files from the British Ministry of Defence. Incredibly, the PSNI Disclosure Unit claim they were not aware that this transfer had taken place until ten years later.

“That is a staggering claim which stretches credibility beyond the limit. How could the PSNI not know that they were in possession of such sensitive material for a full decade?

“The judge’s statement also warns that the failure to identify and disclose this information impacts on the PSNI’s legal obligation to provide full disclosure of intelligence material to the Coroners Court.

“That is yet another blow to families who have battled for decades to get to the truth of what happened to their loved ones and the PSNI have serious questions to answer in this case.

“The PSNI has questions to answer about exactly who was aware that this information had been transferred and explain why that knowledge was not shared with the PSNI Disclosure Unit.

“And while the British MoD is also under obligation to share its files, families deserve assurance that all relevant documents have been handed over.

“It is clear that an independently verifiable process is required to ensure all information has been disclosed to the Coroners Court, and will be in future.”