PSNI must honour commitments given over Bloody Sunday murder investigation –McCartney

The Vice chairperson of the Justice Committee Foyle MLA Raymond McCartney said

MLA Raymond McCartney
MLA Raymond McCartney


“Irrespective of which department the Bloody Sunday murder investigation team  is placed, there is a responsibility on the PSNI to honour the commitments made to the families in the City Hotel in December 2012.


These commitments were made by the then Deputy Chief Constable (DCC)Judith Gillespie and the present DCC Drew Harris.



I share in the concerns raised by the families that any scaling down of those commitments will result in confidence in the investigation being undermined.


Sinn Féin has outlined those concerns at both the Policing Board and the Justice Committee.


We will continue to work with the families and their legal representatives to ensure that these commitments are honoured and that the murder investigation is carried forward in a manner that is demanded of what took place on Bloody Sunday.