PSNI needs to get to grips with armed gangs -Duffy

Sinn Féin Councillor Sandra Duffy has said that the PSNI needs to get to grips with armed gangs responsible for an ever growing number of shootings in Derry City over recent months.

She was speaking after a man was shot in the Shantallow area on Sunday night.

sandra duffy

Councillor Duffy said “Once again tonight we have a man being shot.

“This follows several incidents in this area and across the city over recent months.

“This has included a number of young men being shot in the legs; shots being fired into houses, and armed gangs trying to enter houses.

“The community wants these actions to stop. And it’s important to repeat the message that there is no place for guns on the streets of our city.

“But there are also very serious questions here about how the PSNI is handling these incidents. There is a growing perception in the community that these armed gangs are operating with impunity.

“The PSNI need to step up to the mark and tell the public exactly what they are doing about this, and that needs to go beyond giving stock answers.

“The people of this city have a right to know what the PSNI is doing to bring to book those responsible for these attacks before someone loses their life.”