PSNI review must be thorough and well-resourced – McCartney

Sinn Féin Foyle MLA Raymond McCartney  has said a review into the PSNI’s failure to provide evidence to the Ombudsman on dozens of killings by Loyalist death squads needs to be thorough, well resourced and cover all disclosure processes for justice agencies.

The party’s Justice  spokesperson said: 

“Failure by the police to disclose key information to investigations by the Police Ombudsman into dozens of killings by loyalist death squads is appalling. 

“The Ormeau Road bookies families and other victims of Loyalist death squads have waited over 27 years for truth and justice. 

“Many families are now questioning if they will ever get the truth from the PSNI and what exactly is the extent of recent revelations on disclosure. 

“The PSNI must be held accountable for their mishandling of legacy cases. Time and time again they are failing victims and their families. 

“The Criminal Justice review must not be allowed to further delay the process of disclosure. 

“The review needs to be thorough, well resourced, and cover all disclosure processes for justice agencies and must come forward with meaningful recommendations. Justice delay is justice denied. 

“The continued denial of truth and justice to victims of the conflict reaffirms the need for an end to the delays in implementing the legacy structures agreed by the two governments and the political parties at Stormont House. 

“The British government must end the delay in properly funding the Lord Chief Justice for legacy inquests and adequate funding to the Ombudsman’s Office to carry out its work meet its commitments to provide maximum disclosure to victims of the conflict.”