Public input on Environmental Development/Access Project in Creggan Burn Park-O Hagan

Sinn Féin Councillor Barney O’Hagan has encouraged people living in the greater  Glen area to view plans for Environmental Development/Access Project in Creggan Burn Park.


The plans will be on display and Council Officer Willie Burke will be available in the Glenview Community Centre on Wednesday 14th May from 10am to 5pm to discuss the plans and answer any questions


Councillor O Hagan said


I would encourage residents to go along to the event on Wednesday to look at the plans and raise any questions they have.


The scheme will address the lack of off road pedestrian and cycleway infrastructure provision in Creggan Burn Park and will providea viable connection between Creggan Burn Park andBallyarnett Country Park, also linking the Creggan Burn Park green space to Creggan Road, Glen Road, Baldrick Crescent and Lowrys Lane.


The main capital elements are the provision of the new pedestrian and cycle path infrastructure within Creggan Burn Park, including planting, street furniture, gates, lighting and drainage. New fencing to the perimeter of the park at various locations will prevent unauthorised use of the park, especially by motorbikes and quads.