Questions on DUP ‘dark money’ will not go away – Martina Anderson

Sinn Féin MEP Martina Andersonsaid the DUP’s support for Brexit was bought and paid for by ‘dark money’ but that it will be the people of Ireland who pay.

Martina Anderson was speaking after she and Sinn Féin MEPs Matt Carthy and Liadh Ní Riada along with election candidates Paul Maskey and Mairéad O’Donnell launched a ‘BREXIT: DUP took the money, we all pay the price’ billboard in West Belfast.

Martina Anderson said:dawph6oxsaas5mo

“The DUP signed up to the Leave campaign and accepted a donation of £425,622 from a previously unheard of shadowy group the Constitutional Research Council (CRC).

“There is serious public concern that the Leave campaign may have funneled this money through the DUP to circumvent electoral rules in Britain.

“We know that most of the money was used in newspaper advertising, posters and even t-shirts which were distributed in Britain.

“The DUP did not have the capacity to do this and have refused so far to disclose who the donors were behind the CRC. They should disclose these donors immediately and what benefits the DUP received from this funding.

“The DUP destroyed public confidence in the political institutions in the north through its involvement in the RHI scandal, NAMA and Red Sky and allegations of corruption at the heart of politics.

“The DUP took the money for its support for Brexit but it is the people of the North who will pay the price.”