Rally against Tory cuts -Campbell

Kevin Campbell said -It was an incredible weekend of people power across Ireland .We had hundreds attend the rally in Belfast and a staggering 100,000 people attend a march in Dublin over water charges.IMAG1015(1)

Saturday’s rally was organised by the community and voluntary sector, and provided an opportunity for people from all communities to come together and send out a clear message to the Tory-led coalition that these cuts are completely unacceptable.

I thinks it’s important for people to go behind the headlines and find out in what way these Tory cuts will affect them ,because the reality is it will impact on them in some way .There is little talk about  what it will mean for people in receipt of working or child tax credits. It’s estimated that nearly a quarter of a million families here will have their child benefit cut.

The example in the south is that it wasn’t until the water charge  demands landed on peoples mats or builders moved in to install water meters that the reality of the situation hit home.

We have a chance now for people to have their say and tell some  Unionist politicians who seem hell bent on trying to push these cuts through its time to stop.