Re-introduce bus service to Spencer Road -Jackson

Sinn Féin Councillor Christopher Jackson has called on Translink to review it Waterside service with a view to re-introduce a bus service along Spencer Road to “breathe some life into the area and increase footfall”Christopher TOH 1


Councillor Christopher Jackson said

I have contacted the Translink Western Area Manager in regards to the bus routes that currently service the Waterside area of Derry. The majority of the Waterside routes previously returned to the city centre via Spencer Road.

Some time ago, these routes were changed to bypass Spencer Road.I believe that this was due to concerns over traffic congestion on the street and there had been difficulty manoeuvring the larger buses around cars that had been parked in the area.

I have been contacted by a number of shop owners requesting that this decision be reviewed to breathe some life into the area and increase footfall. Parking is a major concern for traders and customers alike and it has been expressed to me that customers have no option but to take their car due to the absence of public transport.

Whilst  many residents in the Waterside depend on public transport to access Altnagelvin hospital, some find it difficult to avail of the services provided on Spencer Road such as the health centre, chemist, opticians and dentists as there is no direct bus route that incorporates the street.


In view of improving the service, I would urge Translink to review the Waterside routes to see if there is any possibility of restoring the service on Spencer Road. This could be during off peak times when the congestion is not an issue and/or including Spencer Road  in the route of the smaller buses that operate in the area.