Real health transformation requires partnership working and investment – Logue

Sinn Féin health spokesperson Councillor Patricia Logue has said that real transformation of the health service requires genuine partnership working and additional investment.

Speaking after the release of a 12 month progress report on the Delivering Together plan Patricia Logue said: patricia-logue221-790x1024

“It is important that work continues on the transformation plan set out by Michelle O’Neill when Minister for health.

“A number of commitments have been delivered and clearly preparatory and enabling work is ongoing.

“Transformation must be based firmly on the principle of working in partnership with those who use, and those who deliver, health and social care services.

“It must also be underpinned by sufficient additional funding as identified by Michelle O’Neill from the outset.

“Unfortunately, the recent flawed consultation process on Trust cuts to health and social care services undermined the principle of partnership outlined in the Delivering Together plan.

“Cuts to services contradict the recognition that additional funding is needed to make transformation possible.”