Real Living Wage needed to protect workers’ -Fleming

Moving to a real Living wage is the only way to help protect workers from rises in inflation, Sinn Féin Foyleside representative Hayleigh Fleming  has said.

She  was commenting after a minimum wage increase was announced meaning that staff aged 25 will now receive £8.21, up from £7.83. Apprentices and younger workers will receive smaller increases.

Hayleigh Fleming  said: “While any increase will be welcome, the fact is that inflation and household bills continue to outstrip take home wages for many working families.

“The only way to secure sustainable incomes and protect workers is through the adoption of a genuine living wage as defined by the Living Wage Foundation.

“This would provide workers with economic stability and would ensure that they are not priced out of buying basic goods and enjoying a decent standard of living.

“This is particularly true here in the North where average wages are disproportionately lower than in the South or in Britain. Brexit in particular poses a new and serious challenge for local workers and their families.

“Proper wages and the eradication of precarious working practices must be the essential foundations of economic growth and productivity.”