Reckless attacks on motorists caught in snow -McGinley

Derry Sinn Féin Councillor Eric McGinley has described as reckless the actions of young people responsible for attacking motorists in the Hazelbank area on Monday.

Cllr. McGinley said: “Over the course of a number of hours on Monday a group of young people created a great deal of inconvenience for drivers and residents when attacking them with snowballs in the Hazelbank area.   The flow of traffic was continually disrupted as a result of a makeshift barricade being erected and many people were delayed in going about their daily business.

Events took a more serious turn as darkness fell when a local resident who had inadvertently driven his car into the barricade was then attacked by a number of youngsters who also caused damage to the vehicle.

Having spoken to the family shortly after the incident I can testify to how alarming an experience this was for them and the actions of those responsible were nothing short of reckless.

I have been in contact with the PSNI in relation to this incident and I would call on parents to ensure that their children do not become involved in actions which could have such serious consequences.”