Reduction of Waterside anti-community activity since increase in PSNI patrols –Jackson

Sinn Féin Waterside Councillor Christopher Jackson welcomes the reduction in antisocial behaviour on lower Chapel road over recent weeks.1238129961

He said “A few months ago I had been contacted by a number of residents of Chapel Road who had been plagued with antisocial behaviour, particularly at weekends.

I reported this to the police at the time and asked for additional resources to be directed to the area to address some of those issues. There are a lot of elderly residents living on the lower part of Chapel Road and off streets who felt particularly vulnerable to this type of behaviour.

Due to an increased PSNI presence, residents in the area have been telling me that have been able to feel more secure in their homes at night.

One of the residents has told me there has been a notable reduction in antisocial behaviour recently.

I would urge people going through the area late at night to be mindful of the residents and their property when they are returning home.