Removal of unsafe trees at Gleneagles / Mount Pleasant complex issue -Cooper

Sinn Féin Councillor Mickey Cooper has welcomed confirmation that a number of unstable trees will be removed from Boom Hall Lane between Gleneagles and Mount Pleasant subject to planning permission  once bat and bird surveys have been completed. 

He said the news would be welcomed by residents who were fearful that the trees in some cases could collapse: 

Councillor Cooper said 

“I have been working with the Council for almost a year on this complex issue. 

“As there are preservation orders on most of the trees in Boom Hall Lane a whole range of surveys have had to be carried out .It  confirmed that 14 of the trees are now in a dangerous condition and should be removed subject to planning permission being granted which is the norm in such cases. 

“Due to the possibility that there may be birds or bats in the trees several surveys will have to be carried out, but I am confident that the trees will be removed in the autumn which will be a welcome relief for the residents.

“Additionally, a number of other trees will have their branches cut back to improve natural light accessing local homes. 

“I am certain the residents of both Gleneagles and Mount Pleasant will be delighted with the news”