‘Residents relieved at asbestos removal’ – Heaney

The removal of asbestos from Housing Executive properties in the Norcross Street area of Rosemount will be a relief to local residents, Sinn Féin Councillor Conor Heaney has said.

The Foyleside councillor was commenting after the Housing Executive agreed to his request to remove the material. 

Conor Heaney said: “I was contacted by a constituent several weeks ago who was concerned that there was asbestos within the roof of his property. Subsequent inspections by the Housing Executive confirmed low grade asbestos was indeed present. 

“At my request, work has now begun to clean the roofs of the Housing Executive properties in the street which will be followed by a programme of work to remove the material. 

“I am sure this will give reassurance and relief to the residents going forward.”