Resurfacing of the carriageway and footways at Drumleck Drive -Duffy

Sinn Féin Councillor Sandra Duffy has welcomed the news that resurfacing of the carriageway and footways at Drumleck Drive are included in the Department for Infrastructure current programme. 

Councillor Duffy stated: “It is good news for the residents of Shantallow that the resurfacing works within the  Drumleck Drive area are likely to commence in mid to late March with the scheme being completed during April 2021. 

“We have been receiving regular complaints from residents about the state of the roadway there.  

“Drivers are having to take erratic action to avoid the potholes, which I can only see as resulting in an accident which could result in car occupants or even a pedestrian being injured. It could also see an increase in claims by drivers against the Department for Infrastructure (DFI) for damage to vehicles. 

“I am glad our engagements with DFI have paid off and thank them for their cooperation.