Reunification benefits can’t be ignored’ -McCartney

The economic benefits of Irish unity cannot be ignored, particularly in the context of the damage Brexit will cause, Sinn Féin MLA Raymond McCartney  has said.

raymond mccartney
The Foyle  MLA was speaking after the launch of a new Sinn Féin discussion document A United Ireland – Better for Jobs, Enterprise and Research, outlining how reunification will benefit enterprise and businesses across the island.
He commented: “For me, the big choice is this. Is the north going to be tied to a British economy that is growing at around 1.5% and centred around London’s financial sector?
“An economy that is struggling with a chronic productivity problem and which is hell bent on destroying its trading relationships with Europe and the wider world in a fit of xenophobia?
“Or is the north going to be part of – for all its faults – one of the most dynamic economies in the world in the south of Ireland with growth of around 5%?
“Is the north going to be on the periphery of a declining economy harking back to its colonial past or at the heart of a modern outward looking economy?
“Will we have our key economic levers in the hands of a British government that doesn’t have the slightest regard for our economic interests
“Or will we have a democratic government run by our people and for our people?
“That is the big economic choice we face and more and more people are realising the benefits of Irish unity, particularly as we face into the economic and social catastrophe that Brexit will be for the island of Ireland.
“This is quite simply about correcting a democratic deficit and it’s about self-determination. Nobody is going to make better decisions for Ireland or its economy than we can make for ourselves.”