Rights of Irish language speakers must be recognised in legislation – Campbell

Sinn Féin  Councillor Kevin Campbell has said the Irish Language belongs to us all and there is a clear need for legislation to protect the language and its use.

Speaking on the response from Queen’s University to Cumann Gaelach Ollscoil na Banríona who had requested a meeting to discuss bilingual signage and the role the university could play in recognising the rights of the Irish language community on campus, the Party’s local  Irish Language spokesperson said:

“This is a very disappointing response from Queen’s University, the Irish Language belongs to us all, it is not a threat to a neutral working environment nor is it provocative, offensive or intimidatory in any way and the suggestion that it is, is ludicrous.

“This is an ill-thought out response from one of our key institutions which is also one of the biggest employers in the north, it highlights clearly the need for an Irish Language Act which places the recognition of the language and the entitlement for those who wish to live their lives through the medium of Irish to do so, on statute.Sinn Féin  will be requesting a meeting with Queen’s University to discuss this.