Road safety campaign intensifies in Bogside -Duddy

Sinn Féin Councillor Sharon Duddy has said her party is stepping up its road safety  campaign in the Moor Ward.

She was speaking after party activists and local residents held a protest at a major road junction in the Bogside which interconnects Elmwood Terrace,New Road ,Laburnum Terrace and Westland Street.

she said “We choose this junction as it is one of the busiest in the area and during  the time we held the protest it was amazing the amount of vehicles  that actually travelled through it  be that cars ,vans, buses and lorries.

“As this is a built-up area the speed limit is 30mph but residents have told me that the majority of vehicles are travelling well in excess of that.

“Its very clear that due to the volume and speed of traffic signage is required and that could take many forms be that new signs on lampposts, illuminated signage or 30mph painted on the road.

“We are open to talk about all that to find lasting solutions.

“The current situation cannot continue indefinitely .

“Along with local residents we will keep this campaign going until there is a positive outcome.