Rosemount clean up takes place -Cooper

Sinn Féin Councillor Mickey Cooper has thanked the Shantallow based Teamworks programme of  the major work they have carried out across the Rosemount and Glen areas over the summer monthsMickey Cooper


Councillor Cooper said “I would like to thank everyone involved in Teamworks for the work programme they gave carried out in the Glen and Rosemount areas over recent months.


I was directly involved in the request to get them to carry out the work on  the lanes which are not done by statutory agencies as they are in privately owned areas.


Some of the lane ways were in a very bad state with overgrown weeds and rubbish. This should make access to the rear of the homes more easy for the likes of oil deliveries and refuse collections particularly as we enter the winter months. It’s now important that residents play their part in keeping the lanes in as best shape as possible.


Those residents who look after the lanes should not be blighted by a minority who continue to illegally dump rubbish .I will continue to work with the  council to pursue new enforcement powers.