Rural roads will be adversely affected by Kennedy’s threat – Fleming

Sinn Féin Councillor Paul Fleming has said rural communities would be adversely affected if DRD Minister Danny Kennedy carries out his threat to refuse to repair street lighting and carry out essential road maintenance.


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 “At present rural communities are at a disadvantage as the condition of the roads are inferior to those in urban areas due to heavy machinery using narrow roads.


 “If the minister carries out his threat to refuse to carry out essential maintenance then many of these roads will become unsafe or impassable.


“With a rising death toll on our rural road network we actually should be looking at improving the quality of these roads as opposed to threatening to stop maintenance.


“If gullies are not cleared regularly then we also face the prospect of flooding which will result in further cost to the department in the long run.


“I am also concerned if street lighting deteriorates then many people including children going to school in the dark winter months will be at risk of serious injury or death.