SDLP should apologise to vital community and regeneration projects-McCartney

The SDLP should apologise to vital community and regeneration projects –following comments by the party’s West Belfast MLA Alex Attwood,


Local Sinn Fein MLA Raymond McCartney  has insisted. Raymond pic 34


“During a recent radio interview , Alex Attwood launched an insulting and inaccurate attack, questioning the integrity of key projects and services working for the people of this area,” The Foyle MLA said.


“Threatening to remove funding from projects which received funds from the Social Investment Fund, Alex Attwood told BBC Radio that the SDLP were ‘going to be tough on £80million being managed by the Sinn Fein and DUP First and deputy First Minister which in the great part is going to their favoured loyalist and republican projects.


“That is an outrageous slur. The Social Investment Fund has been directed at projects in areas of high social deprivation which are aimed at improving the lives of the people who live there. In this area, projects such as a capital cluster to improve play facilities with a value of £1.75m at Ballyarnett, Ballymagroarty and Daisyfield. And £3.3 Million Community Work Programme ,a

 project to improve employment, providing long term placements targeted upon those on the margins but especially the young (25 years) long term unemployed  have benefited from significant investment.


“Is the SDLP saying that they would remove this funding as part of their ‘get tough’ policy? Is the SDLP saying that all these projects are republican or loyalist fronts?


“The SDLP should apologise to the groups involved immediately and they should lift the threat to oppose their funding.”