Senator Elisha McCallion welcomes establishment of new Cross Border Workers Coalition

Sinn Féin Senator Elisha Mc Callion has welcomed the establishment of the new Cross Border Workers Coalition; who represent a section of cross-border workers seeking to highlight some of the working conditions and difficulties faced by workers who live in the South and work in the North or vice-versa.

Senator Mc Callion said:

“I fully support the campaign which seeks to address the taxation issues facing cross-border workers. Since meeting with members of the group recently, we have been working with the Minister for Finance in the North, Sinn Féin’s Conor Murphy, and I have written to the Minister for Finance, Pascal O’Donohoe, requesting that the matter be addressed urgently.”

“The difficulties facing cross-border workers arise in the first place because of partition on this island and the existence of two separate states. Often legislation that is formed in both jurisdictions does not take into account the unique and special circumstances that these workers face.

“Specifically, in relation to remote working, cross-border workers face double taxation if they work from home. This is unacceptable at a time when both governments are telling employees to work from home where possible.

“A review of these taxation measures in both jurisdictions must be carried out urgently to reach a harmonised and common-sense approach which will make it possible for cross border workers to work remotely without unnecessary tax complications.

“Cross-border workers make a valuable contribution to both economies, north and south, and we must ensure they are not left behind.”