Serious concerns over street drinkers being given prescription drugs

Sinn Féin Health spokesperson Councillor Patricia Logue has highlighted serious concerns in the Bogside community that young people are giving vulnerable street drinkers ” Xanax” type drugs   The drug is having a zombie like effect on the street drinkers  who are taking it.

Local Councillor  Patricia Logue said 

“Serious concerns have been raised with me about issues that are taking place in the vicinity of the underpass at the Lecky Road Flyover.

“This is an area that has been blighted by many forms of anti-community activity over the years. But the latest news that I have received is very worrying indeed.

“I have been informed that young people drinking in the area are giving vulnerable street drinkers ” Xanax” type drugs  .

“This is having a very negative impact on these already vulnerable people who are on a lot of medication and are alcohol dependent.

“The drug is having a zombie like effect on those who take it and the young people themselves are endangering their own health and wellbeing.

“I would appeal for those involved in this practice to stop and think about they are doing to other human beings.

She went on to say

“The main priority in any approach to tackling drugs must focus on early intervention and prevention. The communities and families at risk from drugs are easily identifiable and this is where resources must be targeted.

“I would appeal to anyone not to take illegal drugs or anything they are unsure about. And if anyone has taken anything, or becomes concerned about a friend who has taken something, they should seek medical help immediately.

“Anyone with any information on the sale or supply of prescription drugs,  illegal drugs in our communities should contact the PSNI.