Sinn Féin calls for cross-border postal tariff‏-Kelly

Sinn Féin Councillor Colly Kelly has called for postal companies in the North to offer an all-Ireland tariff in order to reduce the cost of sending cross-border letters.Derry Dongeal reps


Speaking  after the publication of Ofcom’s annual Communication Markets Report, which found that almost half of respondents believe the cost of sending a letter across the border is too expensive,  Derry Sinn Féin Councillor  Colly Kelly  said;

“This report flags some very interesting findings, none more so than the attitudes of people towards the cost of posting a letter to the rest of Ireland.

“Ultimately we want to see an all-island postal service but until that happens we must ensure that all steps are taken to give the best value for money and service for people.

“I fully agree with the 47% of people who believe that the former price of 87p (now 97p) to post a letter to the rest of Ireland represents poor value for money. Although the report didn’t consider this, the length of time it takes to deliver post crossing the border is also unacceptable, with a delivery aim of 5-7 working days.

“This is an issue that Sinn Féin have been raising for some time and have received agreement within the Assembly’s All-Party Group on Postal Service to look into in the coming year.”

Donegal Councillor Jack Murray said

 “It makes no sense for letters being sent from Derry going to Donegal to cost nearly twice as much as those going to London and for it to take far longer.

 “The only solution to this is for postal companies based in the north to offer an all-island tariff, similar to that offered by An Post, with no additional charges or delays for post crossing the border.