Sinn Fein Councillor Michael Cooper has expressed his disappointment that in the SDLP over date for Unity poll.

Sinn Féin councillor Michael Cooper has said it is disappointing the SDLP have not caught up with the mood of the people on the need for a date to be set for a referendum on Irish unity. 

Councillor Cooper said: 

“Whilst I welcome the fact that the SDLP believe that a Unity poll offers the best solution for the people of Ireland post Brexit, I am disappointed that they do not want to set a date for it to take place.

“To suggest that ‘now is not the time’ is nonsensical as the conversation, the planning and preparing for Irish Unity is already well underway. It’s time the SDLP caught up with the people and realised that now is the time to be calling  for a date to be set so we can prepare and plan responsibly for the debate on Irish unity.

“In the context of Brexit, the North of Ireland will be decimated by the worst impact of a Tory exit from the European Union.

“The European Council has stated in April 2017, that in the event of a successful referendum on Irish unity, the North would be able to re-join the European Union as a reunified All-Ireland member state.

“Given that we are being dragged out of the EU against our democratically expressed wishes, and the provision for a unity referendum has been outlined in the Good Friday Agreement, the people of Ireland should be given a democratic vote on their future.” Ends/Críoch