Sinn Féin day of action in Derry against Tory cuts this Saturday

Sinn Féin is to hold a day of action against proposed Tory Welfare Cuts in Derry this Saturday as part of a six county campaign this weekend.

Martin McGuinness and Sandra Duffy
Martin McGuinness and Sandra Duffy


Outlining the campaign Councillor Sandra Duffy said


“We have been out across the city this week delivering thousands of leaflets outlining our opposition to the Tory welfare cuts agenda and asking people to sign a petition .The response we have got on the door step has been great and people are telling us they are glad to see Sinn Féin taking such a robust approach on the issue.


On Saturday we will launching a billboard at Free Derry Wall and our activists will be in the city centre with the petition and we would ask many people as possible to sign it ,to send a clear message to the DUP and others to join with us in  tackling  this issue head on.


“Martin McGuinness said earlier this week that Sinn Féin is of the view that the Executive parties should stand together against vicious welfare cuts being imposed by a cabinet of Tory millionaires.


“The people of Scotland have shown what can be achieved by standing up to the Tories. In a last-ditch attempt to prevent a ‘Yes’ vote, the British establishment is now offering them the increased fiscal and tax-raising powers, as well as control over welfare, which Sinn Fein is demanding for the people of the North.


“People should have a choice on this. In Sinn Féin we have made our choice. We reject this attack on the poor, people with disabilities and the most vulnerable in our society. We will defend and stand with the working class-communities that the Tories are targeting.