Sinn Féin launch bill to ban Zero Hour Contracts

Sinn Féin have launched a new Bill to ban Zero Hour Contracts in the north in an effort to tackle the uncertainty faced by workers.

Speaking on the new Bill, Foyle MLA Karen Mullan said:

“Sinn Féin have launched a bill to Ban Zero Hour contracts in the north. 

“People employed under these contracts are faced with deep uncertainty and stress and no guarantees on what they will earn or what hours they will work. 

“This needs to change; workers and families deserve fairness and certainty. 

“This Bill will replace zero-hour contracts with Banded Hour Contracts and will ensure that workers are given guarantees over their minimum and maximum working hours each week. 

“Over the next number of weeks, I am encouraging Trade Unions, Businesses, Workers and others to take part in the consultation to help me to advance workers’ rights which can be completed here:”