Sinn Féin mandate must be respected in TV debates – Ó hEára

Sinn Féins Gearóid Ó hEára said today his party would be seeking equal representation on the party leaders TV debates to be held in the run-up to the Westminister elections.gerry o'hara

He said:

“Sinn Féin will take every opportunity to present and promote our policies and positions in the public arena.

“We would welcome the opportunity at the party leaders debates to present the Sinn Féin position on Irish unity and equality for all.

“This is all about the mandate from the voters.

“Sinn Féin have more representation than some of the other parties who have been invited to take part in these debates.

“Our MPs have a proud track record of hard work on the ground.

“Sinn Féin therefore will be asking for equal representation in the party leaders TV debates and equal respect for our mandate and for the people who elect us.

“We will challenge any attempt to discriminate against us.”