Calls to light up busy walkway -Logue

Sinn Féin Councillor Patricia Logue has called for the installation of a new lighting system situated on  one of Derry’s busiest walkways along the city’s riverfront.

Councillor Logue “Anyone who is regularly in the Foyle Road area will see hundreds of people use the walkway along the Riverfront walkway on a daily and nightly basis. There will be people out running, walking with their families or walking the family pet at the park land  there.

I was very surprised that there is no lighting on the section which runs along beside the old railway tracks between the Foyle Valley Railway Station, right out past Coshowen.

I am calling on Transport NI to take a look to at this section and the feasibility of introduction of low level lights in the wall along the riverfront or standard street lights.

This would greatly enhance the area and link in with the walkway which goes right down past the Peace Bridge and Quay area, it would also light it up at night and make the place safer.