Sinn Féin meet PSNI in Derry over car crime/burglaries

Sinn Féin Policing Board member and Foyle MLA Raymond McCartney , Cllr Sandra Duffy along with community representatives have held a meeting with senior members of PSNI in Derry which focused on car crime, burglaries and anti-community behaviour in the greater Galliagh and Shantallow areas.raymond mccartney

Foyle MLA Raymond McCartney said “It was very important that this meeting took place as there is a lot of concern out in the community in relation to a number of crimes taking place in the locality.

The meeting focussed on car crime, burglary and anti-community behaviour.

We were reassured that there has been progress on several of the issues that we raised and that there have been a number of arrests.

It was accepted that there is still a number of challenges to be overcome to ensure that residents can live in safety.

We will keep our engagements with the PSNI going and support their efforts in tackling criminality.