Sinn Féin MLA’s meet with Trust over Urgent Concerns

Sinn Féin’s Karen Mullan MLA and Raymond McCartney MLA have met with senior staff in Western Health and Social Care Trust in relation to Owenmore home, Respite provision in the City and pressures at A&E.

Speaking following the meeting Raymond McCartney said:

“We received an update on the progress made on Owenmore and the timeline for re-introduction of residents into the nursing home and short stay respite facility.  

“A parent of a young adult who hasn’t received respite in months attended the meeting with us and we pressed on the Trust the need for urgency to resolve the immediate respite situation and put plans in place to the meet the growing needs and demand.

Karen Mullan added;  

“I have been contacted by families of children and adults who haven’t had respite support in months. I am very concerned that families have been left struggling and worried about the current level of short break provision within the City.  

“I welcome the re-opening of Owenmore short stay but am concerned over the lack of provision for those under the age of 18, many of these families have no idea when respite will be put in place.

“Over the last few weeks we have seen an increased number of people contacting our office about waiting times in A&E for people being admitted onto a ward. We discussed this with the Trust and requested detailed plans for the coming months.

“We will keep the public fully informed of progress on these issues as it becomes available”