Sinn Féin propose 4 day working week pilot

The local council and a major Stormont department will be asked to support pilot programmes for a four-day working week if a Sinn Féin motion this week is successful. 

The proposal is being tabled by Sinn Féin Councillor Christopher Jackson who said there is growing evidence that a reduction in working days actually increases productivity. 

Cllr. Jackson commented: “It’s already obvious that a lack of work-life balance contributes to work related stress, low productivity and burnout amongst workers so I believe there is an onus on all public bodies to explore new and better ways of working. 

“There is a growing body of international evidence showing that moving to a four-day working week, without a reduction in income, enhances productivity and happiness amongst workers. It has already been trialled by major international companies who found that it had positive impacts both for business and workers. 

 “Therefore, my motion will call on the Council and Department for Economy to establish working groups and pilot programmes that support employers to trial the concept of a four-day working week amongst their workforce. 

“The pandemic and the working from home revolution has shown that major changes in the way we work are possible ,so I would urge all parties to back this proposal and help create another huge shift in the working week that will bring massive benefits to workers and their families.”