Sinn Féin slam SDLP hypocrisy on welfare

Sinn Féin MLA Raymond McCartney has slammed SDLP ‘hypocrisy’ over the Tory Government’s Universal Credit plans.

The Foyle MLA commented:raymond-mccartney2

“The SDLP helped to deliver welfare changes not block them.

“Margaret Ritchie introduced the first Welfare Reform Act in the north and her party colleague Alex Attwood introduced the highly criticised work capability assessment under a private company.

“It is not surprising that the SDLP is again trying to exploit genuine concerns about the roll out of Universal Credit to score cheap political points.

“Universal Credit is being imposed by the Tory Government, no-one else and for the SDLP to pretend otherwise is spurious and hypocritical.

“The SDLP promised to block welfare reform at Westminster. They failed.

“The SDLP supported the £500 million welfare mitigation package secured by Sinn Féin then voted against it.

“Let’s be clear. Had it been left to the SDLP, the full extent of Tory welfare cuts would have been implemented here without any mitigation package to protect the most vulnerable.