Sinn Féin support Bradley election debate inclusion

Sinn MLA MAEVE MCLAUGHLINFéin's Maeve McLaughlin has backed calls for Independent Assembly 
candidate Kathleen Bradley to be included on 
this week's Radio Foyle 
election debate.

The call comes after the local station was 
criticised by Ms. Bradley for excluding her 
from the key hustings event.

Ms. McLaughlin said:
"Someone like Kathleen Bradley is a very well 
known community and benefits 
worker in this city. Radio Foyle never 
had any difficulty interviewing 
her in the past about any amount of 
issues so I can't understand why she
 has not been invited to take part, 
particularly as she appears to meet 
the same criteria as other candidates.

"I'm very disappointed by this decision. Kathleen Bradley has as much right 
to put herself and her policies before the electorate as anyone and I 
would urge Radio Foyle to rethink this decision."