Sinn Féin to meet PSNI over handling of Black Lives Matter rally

Speaking follow the Black Lives Matter rally in Derry at the weekend Foyle MLA Martina Anderson said

“Like everyone else I was appalled by the killing of George Floyd and the events which have followed in the United States. I joined with others across the world to show my outrage and opposition at what happened by taking part in online protests.

“In ordinary circumstances I would have been on the streets protesting. But these are not ordinary circumstances. We are still in the grip of a pandemic. And regulations are still in place in order to keep people safe and save lives.

“Those regulations prohibit large gatherings of more than six people, even when they are socially distanced, and apply to everyone.

“I understand that people had a real dilemma in attempting to stay safe and socially distanced and showing their solidarity with the victims of police brutality and racism in the US.

“It’s clear that most of the protesters attempted to observe social distancing and I would hope that the circumstances of each individual would be looked at before proceeding with the fines.

“Senior party representatives have spoken with the PSNI about the handling of the protests and will be meeting with them again on issues brought to us over the weekend.Ends