Sinn Féin to meet with DHSS on Tax Credits

Sinn Féin representatives, Councillor Elisha McCallion and Michael Anderson from Raymond McCartney MLA’s Office will meet with DHSS Management on Friday morning September 30th to discuss the crisis created by bureaucratic decisions to summarily withhold tax credit entitlements.

Speaking prior to the meeting Councillor McCallion said:DSC_0615

“The crisis caused to tax credit claimants in Derry and elsewhere is a bureaucratic mess with HMRC and Concentrix passing the buck of blame from one to the other.

“We hope to find out when we meet with the DHSS Regional Manager on Friday morning what facilities are available for those who have been plunged into financial distress because of the arbitrary manner in which the Tax Credit issue has been handled by both HMRC and Concentrix.

“We will attempt to ascertain the level of increased numbers presenting for crisis assistance because of this fiasco and seeking assurances that those presenting under these circumstances will be treated sympathetically and expeditiously.