Sinn Féin welcome human rights findings -McCartney

Sinn Féin Foyle MLA Raymond McCartney has welcomed the findings of a new poll carried out by the Human Rights Consortium that shows an extremely high level of support for human rights among the population of the North.

He said:

“News that 84 percent of the population of the North are supportive of human rights is to be welcomed.

“In the last elections Sinn Féin stood on a platform of rights and equality for all citizens. We remain committed to restoring the political institutions on the basis of equality, respect and rights, delivering for all citizens and discriminating against none.

“It is unacceptable that basic rights, including language rights, marriage equality, and the right to coroners inquests are not available here when they are protected in law everywhere else on these islands.

“Rights and equality are not things that can be compromised on, they threaten no one.

“That is not a solely Sinn Féin position as the Human Rights Consortium found that 90 percent of those polled believe there should be universal and equal application of human rights.

“A similar percentage felt that these rights should be upheld in law and conform to international standards.

“In the face of the British Government’s Brexit agenda and their intention to repeal the Human Rights Act it is imperative that human rights protections are strengthened not weakened.

“We cannot depend on the British government who have failed to implement United Nations human rights standards to offer even the most basic protections to all in our society.

“Rights need to be strengthened not weakened and the best way to do that is by re-establishing an Executive on the basis of equality and protecting our place in Europe through designated special status.”