SIPTU launches international online petition in support of Clerys workers

SIPTU launches international online petition in support of Clerys workers

SIPTU says that an “overwhelming public demand” has led to the launching on Friday of an online petition for people in Ireland and abroad who want to show their support for the Clerys workers and demanding that the store’s new owners meet them.

SIPTU Campaigns and Equality Organiser Ethel Buckley said:

“SIPTU launched a written petition on Tuesday 16 June. Within 24 hours it had received over 5,000 signatures such is the level of public anger at the way these workers have been treated.

“People are shocked and sickened that the new owners of Clerys felt it was going to be accepted that they could just take the company over, liquidate it and throw loyal workers on the street with nothing.”

She added:

The petition makes a simple demand – that the new owners of Clerys meet the workers.

“At this meeting the workers will discuss face to face with them what they could do to go some way in making up for the hurt they have caused when putting into action this heartless scheme.”

The petition is also open to the many workers and activists from other countries who have been in touch wishing to express their support for the workers.

Feelings are running so high about the way the Clerys workers have been treated, SIPTU say, that protests are expected in the coming days in the US and Britain.

“These will target people involved in this deal which made them millions but left hundreds of loyal workers without jobs or the monies owed to them,” Ethel Buckley said.

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