Slow down at Bull Park –Kelly

Sinn Féin Councillor Colly Kelly has urged motorists travelling in the roads adjacent to one of the busiest parks in the city Bull Park to  show due care and attention .He made his appeal after being contacted by residents and  parents of young children who use the park regularly about the speed of traffic and dangers for children crossing the road.COLLY

He said “I would like to make an urgent appeal for motorists to slow down in  roads around Bull Park. The roads in the area are always very busy and there also is a high volume of traffic. With the bright nights the park is very busy again and this presents obvious dangers for children crossing the road to the park.

Residents and parents have expressed concerns to me that the traffic is going too fast and are afraid that if a child steps out in front of a vehicle there will little or no time for the driver to react. Slowing down that extra 5-10mph can make a massive difference in improving road safety in urban areas.