“Slow down on walkway and use a bell” -Logue

Sinn Féin Councillor Patricia Logue has urged cyclists in the city to ensure that they have a bell on their bikes. She made her call after concerns were raised with her about a number of incidents on the walkway along the riverfront at Foyle Road.

She said “A number of concerns have been raised with me about cyclists using the walkway along the riverfront on Foyle Road. We have all seen the increase in the number of people using the walkway with the good weather which is great and must be encouraged.

“But there is a concern that some of the cyclists using the walkway are going far too fast and not using a bell to warn people out walking or running that they are coming.

“One walker told me of their experience this week of nearly getting hit with a bike that came on him very quick and just by sheer luck did not get tangled in their dogs lead. He said to me can just imagine if one of these bikes hit a child or older member of our community who couldn’t get out of the way in time, or hit a family pet. Some of these bikes are very heavy mountain type design and could cause a lot of injury if they hit you.

“The cost of a bell is a relativity low cost and could prevent an accident in a split second. As a first step I think it’s very important that cyclists in the city ensure that they have a bell on their bikes before they go out on the road.